IGI at Nationals

Jill Hoffman

IGI wish’s to congratulate it’s Level 9 an 10 gymnasts heading to Nationals this spring! Jill Hoffman competes at Level 9 Eastern Nationals in Landover, Maryland on May 5th. Megan Ruzicka will also be attending as the Second Alternate.

Level 10 Nationals will be held in Hampton, Virginia May 11-12. IGI qualified: Alexis Cappalli, Nicole Gendusa, Eileen Malecki, Hayley Sanzotti, and Haley Scaman to the Region 5 Team!

Mandy Klun is also the First Alternate, and we have Kylie Clark and Ryann Conners competing in the National Invitational Tournament being held Sunday – May 13th.

Best of Luck to all of the girls at Nationals!!!

IGI Gymnasts Heading to College in 2012

IGI has 10 graduating Seniors heading on to college gymnastics next season!

Front Row: Haley Scaman (Oklahoma). Middle: Kylie Clark (Northern Illinois), Marissa Wossner (Boise St)
Back Row: Hayley Sanzotti (Utah St), Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina), Hayli Huiner (Southeast Missouri),
Sophia Scazzero (Cornell), Sammy Pearsall (Iowa St.),  Kara Koster (Auburn)
Not Shown: Arial Martin (Nebraska)

2010 National Qualifiers

IGI Qualified the Most Level 9 & 10 Gymnasts in the State to the 2010 Nationals!

Front row Level 9: Sophia Scazzero, Adriana Schoenfeldt, Karina Schoenfeldt, Kaitlynn Christensen, Eileen Malecki
Beam row Level 10: Mandy Klun, Alexis Cappalli, Ariel Martin, Haley Scaman, Samantha Pearsall, Kristen Lieberman, Kelsey Mazur, Alessandra Cinfio, Chelsea Bailey