Ninja Zone

The sport of Ninja is…
“To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth.  To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks to elude an opponent.”

Ninja Zone is a skill-based, fast-paced program that combines obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, tumbling, and ‘ninja’ style moves, perfect for kids on energy overload!  For success in school, sport, and life, a child must learn to channel their impulse and energy towards a focused goal.  For kids 3-11 years of age, in addition to skills, the curriculum also teaches:
*Confidence*     *Being Part of a Group*     *Impulse Control*



We are currently offering daytime Lil Ninja (ages 3-6) classes.  IGI is looking for staff to help coach Ninja Zone.  We will add after school times as soon as possible. 
2021-2022 Schedule


All students must wear a Ninja Zone uniform (consisting of a t-shirt and headband) which is purchased directly from Ninja Zone (see the link below) and must have both a Family Registration Form and a Ninja Zone waiver completed and on file  (see links below).