Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational program provides a fun and safe physical, mental, and social experience through gymnastics for girls in 1st-8th grade. Girls will work to develop bars, beam, tumbling, vault and trampoline skills.  By the time the girls complete the final recreational level, they have the choice and chance to join our recreational competition team!

BRONZE (Gymnastics Basics) – 1 hour class
Our introductory class to recreational gymnastics for girls introduces the basic skills on bars, beam, and tumbling while increasing strength and flexibility. Highlights include learning a cartwheel and pulling themselves over a bar! Bronze Skill List
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SILVER (Advanced Beginner) – 1 hour class
This class builds on the skills learned in Bronze.  Advanced beginner girls will push their basic skills to the next level and show more control and mastery in their abilities. They will learn round-offs and back-bend kick-overs on floor, back hip circles on bars, and handstands on beam!
Culmination of this class develops the skills of USAG Level 1.  Requires mastery of Bronze skills & instructor approval prior to enrolling. Silver Skill List
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GOLD (Intermediate) – 1.5 hour class (twice a week is suggested)
Our intermediate class works more advanced skills on bars, beam, and tumbling, but it also introduces gymnasts to the vault and emphasizes more strength.  Girls will begin to work back handsprings and back walkovers on floor, handstands on a high beam, and more advanced circles around the bar!
Culmination of this class develops the skills of USAG Level 2. Requires mastery of Silver skills & instructor approval prior to enrolling. Gold Skill List
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PLATINUM (Advanced) – 2 hours (participants should be enrolled in at least two days)
Our highest recreational level introduces girls to advanced gymnastics skills on all events.  They will also focus on some dance skills, strength, and add combinations.  Gymnasts master independent back handsprings and front walkovers on floor, advanced jumps and handstand skills on beam, and advanced circles on bars.
Does your daughter want to compete gymnastics? This class will get her ready for our GIJO competitive program!  Culmination of this class develops the skills required of USAG Level 3.  Requires mastery of Gold skills & instructor approval prior to enrolling. Platinum Skill List
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