Preschool Gymnastics

From 18 months to 6 years of age, we provide a fun & positive physical, mental, and social experience with physical fitness through gymnastics (bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline).

PARENT TOT (18-36 months) 45-minute parent-tot class
TINY TOTS will develop your child’s self-confidence, gross motor skills, and gymnastics basics. Our preschool gym and equipment is sized perfectly for the little gymnasts: trampolines, incline mats, beams, rings and bars!
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TOT TIME (3-5 year olds) 45-minute class
Tot Time focuses on a variety of activities to develop your child’s confidence and physical abilities while maintaining excitement and fun for each little one. 
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TOT TUMBLING – Ages 3-6 (45 minutes)
This preschool class introduces the basics of tumbling for little kids.  Some of the skills the class teaches them how to do rolls and handstands while working them towards cartwheels and bridges. (This class does not use the beam or bars.)
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PRESCHOOL/TOTS GYMNASTICS (3-5 year olds) 45-minute class
Our PRESCHOOL/TOTS Gymnastics class uses our Preschool Curriculum to develop your child’s basic gymnastics skills on tumbling, bars, beam, and trampoline.  This is a more structured class that primarily uses the preschool gym and equipment as they develop the basics. 
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KINDERGARTEN/INTRO GYMNASTICS (5-7 year olds) 45-minute class 
KINDER/INTRO Gymnastics is a structured, skill-oriented class based on our Beginner Gymnastics Curriculum but moving at a pace that is age and skill appropriate for those younger children.  
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SUPERGIRLS (2-6 year olds) 1-hour class 
SUPERGIRLS is an invite only class for preschoolers.  The focus is on additional strength, flexibility, listening, and structure.   
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Also available:  Tot Tumbling and Lil Ninja