IGI offers a class for anyone who wants to learn tumbling skills, whether it’s for cheerleading, dance, or fun.  This program strives to train and educate the athlete in how to safely and correctly perform and advance their tumbling skills. Our experienced and well-qualified instructors provide a positive, encouraging and safe environment.

  • For tumbling, you sign up for a class, for which you are continuously enrolled and pay monthly tuition (due by the 25th of the preceding month).
  • You will be billed for the next month unless you ask to be unenrolled halfway through your final month.  Regardless of enrollment, unused classes may be used until they expire. 
  • If your child will miss the class, please notify us before the missed class so we may generate an excused absence.  That in turn creates a potential makeup.  Makeups must be used within 30 days and are based on availability.  We apologize if something in the schedule doesn’t

INTRO to TUMBLING – Ages 5-10 (1 hour)
For kids with little to no experience in tumbling, this class will introduce the basics.  Some of the skills the class teaches them how to do bridges, handstands, and cartwheels.

TUMBLING 1 – Ages 6-18 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Prerequisite: Must be able to hold a bridge for 5 seconds and do a handstand.  This class teaches kids how to do backbends and kickovers while improving their cartwheels.

TUMBLING 2 – Ages 6-18 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Prerequisite: Must be able to do a backbend kickover.
  This intermediate class builds on the skills learned in the previous class and introduces round-offs and back handsprings.

TUMBLING 3 – Ages 6-18 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Prerequisite: Must be able to do a back handspring independently. 
This advanced tumbling class focuses on round-off back handsprings, flipping, and aerial skills.


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