College Gymnastics

Since the day IGI started, we have been committed to top-notch gymnastics performance in all levels of training and competition. Over the course of the past 30 years, more than 98% of all IGI athletes who have graduated from our program have received NCAA full-tuition scholarships for gymnastics. Each year, dozens of college coaches infiltrate our walls to get a shot at some of the best gymnasts in the country. Below is a list of those athletes and the schools they have attended:

University of Illinois
Kaitlyn Cooper
Kari Karubas
Kelly Hogan
Kelli Ferrar
Gena Gruss
Kara Kapernekas
Kim Kruk

University of Illinois – Chicago
Lexi Brown
Chelsea Bailey
Ryann Conners

Illinois State University
Kristen Lieberman (also Boise State)
Apollonia Barrientos
Sheila Roelle

Northern Illinois University
Tina Stone
Crystal Flondor

University of Alabama
Katie Hornecker

University of Arizona
Allie Flores
Ellen Pitluck

Auburn University
Kara Koster (Arena)

Ball State University
Kristen Barthels

Boise State University
Marrisa Wossner
Allesandra Cinfio
Chrissy Koennecker
Karrie Swanson
Jenny Martin
Kelly Martin

University of Bridgeport
Jennifer Keating (Navy)
Ellen Pitluck

University of California – Berkeley
Stephanie Kim

Gina Pesce
Kristina Comforte

Cal State – Fullerton
Celeste Kwak

Central Michigan University
Gina Black

Cornell University
Sophia Scazzero
Madison Pearsall

Eastern Michigan University
Jennifer Joy

University of Georgia
Sophie Royce
Agina Simpkins
Nneka Logan

University of Iowa
Stephanie Gran

Iowa State University
Samantha Pearsall
Jessica Rizzi

University of Kentucky
Julie Joy

Lindenwood University
Kristin Morgan

Louisiana State University
Shelby Prunty
Natalie Dressler

University of Michigan
Lexi Funk
Beth Amelkovich
Katy Nellans
Amy Kuczera
Katie Lieberman

Michigan State University
Kelsey Mazur
Kathryn Mahoney
Tricia Mazzetti

University of Minnesota
Ika Lindholm

University of Missouri
Amanda Pezzullo
Katie Kluga

University of Nebraska
Ariel Martin
Jamie Basile

Ohio State University
Lizzie Jensen
Becky Wolfe
Lindsey Vagedes
Tiffanie Janke
Brittany Livingston

University of Oklahoma
Anastasia Webb
Haley Scaman
Kayla Nowak

Oregon State University
Stephanie Bychowski

Penn State University
Sharon Barbato
Amie Olaes

University of Pittsburgh
Meghan Biros

Rutgers University
Madeline Meyers
Lexie Belvis
Dia Velasquez

Seattle Pacific University
Amy Potrawski

Southeast Missouri State
Hayli Huiner
Lauri Bartelt

Stanford University
Elizabeth Tricase
Kelly Fee

Texas Woman’s University
Sara Grunert
Appollonia Barrientos
Sheila Roelle

University of Utah
Patti Massoels

Utah State University
Hayley Sanzotti
Diana Karavida
Jackie Fogli

University of Washington
Alisa Pesce

West Virginia University
Sabrina Noonan

William and Mary
Eileen Malecki
Ingrid Marcum

Yale University
Allison Bushman