About Us

So what makes us different?
We at IGI believe that our Core Values uniquely distinguish us from the rest…

.: Our Mission :.

To develop fun-loving, confident caring individuals who are prepared for a lifetime of fitness.

.: Our Approach :.

To effectively take our World-class approach to learning, that has been successful in both the Junior Olympic and International Elite levels of competition and athlete development, and extrapolate it throughout our entire program.

.: Our Philosophy :.

We believe that each individual has been uniquely created (1), and as a result has been given a set of talents, gifts and desires for a specific purpose(2). We trust that all those who are a part of our staff family have been placed here intentionally(3), and it is our responsibility as an organization to offer each individual the opportunity and the freedom to utilize and develop these gifts(4) knowing that together, we will be able to grow together and support one another as we are called to do.(5).We believe that we have been entrusted with the important responsibility to provide a loving, compassionate, positive environment in which each and every student will know they are loved and valued as individuals being children of God.

Absolute respect for all people
Build strong relationships through open, honest & up-front communication
Continually strive to exceed the standards
Demonstrate unconditional love towards others
Embody a servants heart and mentality
Facilitate personal growth through the utilization of individual talents and gifts
Grow with, sacrifice for, encourage and empower others for the sake of the team
Honor God in all we do